Missing Mon found Dead in Texas

Missing girl dead

A Frisco mother was found missing for the last few days. When the officials were investigating they found her dead on Thursday evening. She was seen inside her sports utility vehicle. The car was parked in the parking lot of McKinney. She has three children and there were alive inside the SUV car. The children were taken immediately to a local hospital. Since Monday, Christine Woo was missing with her three children.

Leah was sixteen months, Nathan is three years and Lauren is five years. Brandon Woo husband of Christine Woo told that his wife has been missing since Monday. He waited until Tuesday. When he returned to home after work he found his complete family (wife and kids) missing. He reported to the officials that they were missing on Tuesday. The officials told that they need to wait at least twenty-four hours to file missing cases.

The police officials have checked the surveillance video. On Monday morning, Woo was seen with her three children entering Walgreens. Woo was holding her youngest child close to her arms. Woo’s husband told that credit card report shows that Woo has taken a prescription to treat Leah’s eczema. Moreover, credit card reports also showed that she has gone to Custer Road and State Highway 121 McDonalds. Her husband told that she had used her credit for these two purposes lastly. Last week, Woo commented that his wife as a model wife and a model mother.

He is confused about her death. He does not know how it happened and why she has to move on own. He doubted that something bad should have happened to take this decision. A police deputy of Frisco has seen Christine Woo with her children in the Target parking lot around 6.30 P.M. She was seen driving a Honda Pilot. A police official reported it.

Man Punished for Filming Sleeping Woman


A Kentwood man was ordered to face trial for filming and groping a sleeping woman. He has recorded himself while groping the woman. He said to have a collection of child pornography on his cell phones.

The victim did not know that there is a man in her room. She has the habit of taking sleeping medications for medical disorder. She found a video of sexual harassment on her mobile phone. She immediately approached the police officials of Kentwood and showed the video.

Robert Dale Parker is a 31-year-old man. He appeared on charge of five criminal cases on Thursday at Kentwood District Court. As he has been charged under severe cases, he will be laid back in prison for several years. He has transferred the case to Kent County Circuit Court. He has been charged for activities like video capturing an unclothed person, which is five years criminal act and fourth-degree illegal sexual behavior to an incapacitated casualty which is two years high crime.

One of the attacks occurred when the women were sleeping in a chair. She was sleeping in her Kentwood home garage. The video showed that Parker was talking to the sleeping woman and he neared and fondled her. The court record has received the video.

The victim offered the police officials with other mobile phones associated to Parker. The court records have received evidence from the Kentwood detectives. They reviewed the mobile phones where it contained videos of sleeping woman along with numerous child pornography images.

Parker was charged for recording a video on a three and a half year girl using bathroom. It is said to be highly sexually offensive commercial activity connecting a child. He has been charged in prison for twenty years.

The detective told that the mobile phones contained various images of girls in various sexual explicit positions.

Anchor Wendy Bell and TV Station

anchor wendy

Recently, a Pittsburg television channel has discontinued their association with anchor Wendy Bell. She was a long time anchor for this television channel. She has posted racially charged comments on Facebook and it has made the team to discontinue her association. She has posted comments regarding a shooting. Hearst Television comes under WTAE-TV. They said that comments from Bell were inconsistent with company’s journalistic standards and ethics. WTAE has decided to end the association with Wendy Bell. She is a popular anchor in this television network.

Wendy has posted a comment on Facebook on March 21. She has commented about a shooting where five people died at the cookout. It includes an unborn child and pregnant woman. Though no person has been arrested for the incident, Bell took the issue to Facebook. The post has been deleted now. She wrote mentioning them as young black men who are in the early twenties and teens. Their mothers work on multiple jobs, have multiple siblings from numerous fathers. The boys have been functioning in the system earlier. They were born and grown up there. They are arrested. They know about the police. The post was a major hit in social media.

Bell acknowledged if the comments look sensitive or viewed as racist. Bell told the reporters that she was not given a good shake from her station. She added that it made her feel sick. She mentioned that it was status of black people in America. It is what going around America. Bell’s story was shared virally on Twitter. It was shared by young black men of America. Some commented while most appreciated her for honesty.

Wendy Bell has mentioned about shooters in her post. She said that they were young black men. She has written about Wilkinsburg shooting that occurred on March 9 and it resulted in losing her anchor position.